The National Tree Huggers 2014 Contest

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Through the National Tree Huggers 2014 Contest Just Forests aims to get people in Ireland to look around them and appreciate the fabulous trees in their locality. People and trees with interesting stories from all over Ireland will be taking part in the contest in 2014. Unlike in other contests, the age, beauty and height of the trees are not really that important. What is important though is the story that the tree holds.

The aim of the contest is to increase awareness of interesting Irish trees and the historical and natural heritage that they represent – our natural heritage is important and should be observed, appreciated and protected and we are blessed here in Ireland to have so many magnificent trees of historical and cultural significance.

Your support will help Tree Planting & Development Education and Awareness Raising (DEAR)

This project will also help to heighten awareness of Ireland’s dependancy on imported timber and the consequences of that international trade. The proceeds from this initiative will go towards producing a DEAR teaching resource (World of Wood) for woodwork and construction studies teachers here in Ireland that will help them to embed a development education (DE) perspective in the curriculum.

The proceeds will also be shared with our international partner WeForest to plant trees in equatorial regions of the world.

WeForest has created a holistic solution to cooling down the Earth. In the process of doing so, it is transforming the lives of some of the world’s poorest people. The science on which WeForest is based represents a paradigm in which forestry, climate and cloud science meet.

WeForest is driven by a science-based estimation that if 20 million km2 of forest were replenished in equatorial regions, this would add 2% cloud cover to the Earth. This would protect the Earth from warming during a critical stage when humanity is transitioning to a world that works for all living things.
The tree with the most votes will be Ireland’s nomination in the European Tree of the Year 2015 Contest
Do you have a special tree?

People are known to develop strong emotional ties with trees – yes even the toughest of us.

Trees with historical links or trees planted to commerate loved ones are seen as living memorials.

Big, strong stately and old trees can be a source of reassurance and give us a sense of place.

The 2014 contest date will be announced soon…

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