Our staff


Karen Ciesielski CEO

Karen Ciesielski is the CEO of the IEN. With 20 years of experience in non-profit management, fundraising, communications, advocacy and campaigning, Karen works to promote the interlinked principles of environmental, social and economic sustainability by supporting IEN members. She also serves as the Coordinator of the Environmental Pillar.
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Justin Byrne  COO

Justin is the Chief Operating Officer for the IEN, having joined the organisation in 2010. Previously he worked for KPMG as IT Operations Manager and prior to that in management for a division of Unigate PLC in London. He has extensive experience in planning issues.

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Attracta Uí Bhroin
Environmental Law Officer 

Attracta is the Environmental Law Officer of the IEN and also acts as the facilitator for the Environmental Law Implementation Group – a joint initiative with the Irish Government to support the proper transposition and implementation of environmental law, including the further development of eNGOs’ capacity to leverage the law to support their missions.

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Kayle Crosson 
Communications Officer & Editor of The Green News 

Kayle is the Communications Officer at the IEN and Editor of The Green News. She is a multimedia journalist with a previous track record of climate and biodiversity coverage and has worked in communications for a number of NGOs. Prior to entering the workforce, she obtained her undergraduate degree in World Politics from Leiden University College The Hague. 

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Aoife Ní Lochlainn
Brexit Policy Officer 

Aoife is the Policy Officer at the IEN. Her work covers the UK Withdrawal agreement as it relates to the environment, as well as broader environmental policy and advocacy work to advance sustainable policy in Ireland on behalf of the NGO sector. She is a public policy analyst and researcher with over thirteen years of experience in economic, social and environmental policy.

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