Skilled communicator sought to represent the benefits of sustainable transport

Green Transport

Summary: working with NGOs within the Irish Environmental Network, the successful candidate will represent reform proposals to government.

The policy areas include fuel efficiency, vehicle design, aviation, shipping, air pollution, noise, trade policies, pricing, taxation, as well as sustainability in biofuel production and use. The successful candidate will be working with NGO members and staff based in Ireland, Brussels and other member states. Further details are available on The final date for applications is Friday November 14th. 

The work divides into two projects. The first covers fuel efficiency, vehicle design (e.g. reforming the design configuration of HGVs so that they save lives, fuel and emissions), aviation, shipping, air pollution, noise, trade policies, pricing, taxation, and countering moves to reduce emissions reduction in transport by placing the sector in the EU’s emissions trading scheme (referred to below as the multi-strand project).

The second project focuses on biofuels, their sustainability, and the indirect land use change that comes with biofuel cultivation (e.g. the displacement of other land uses, and the emissions inherent in this). Work on bioenergy regarding the EU’s 2030 targets for energy and climate is also part of this project (referred to below as the biofuels project).

A great deal more information on all matters mentioned above can be reviewed by going to Additional information on biofuels work can also be secured by viewing and

The successful candidate will be working with NGO staff and members in Ireland, Brussels and other member states. In very broad terms work on both projects can be sub-divided as follows:

– Review, understand and internalise information compiled at European level and position yourself to communicate it;
– Supplement the above information by assessing the situation in Ireland by factoring in (any) distinctive domestic considerations;
– Represent potential reform measures or positions to Departmental officials, Ministers and, where appropriate, other politicians,
– Form alliances with other stakeholders to build the momentum for lower emissions and more sustainable transport, and
– Draft and publish press releases to communicate key messages as appropriate.

In terms of time commitment, the workload varies between 1 – 3 days per week. While it will vary from month to month, candidates should be in a position to commit, on average, 20 hours per week. IEN has its offices at Green Street, Dublin 7.

For the seven months Dec to June the multi-strand project offers €7,000 gross (i.e. €1,000 per month). For the second project, the monthly gross is €750, amounting to €3,000 gross for the months Dec to March inclusive. The final tranche of funding on each project may be witheld pending completion of the project and production of a final report.

The successful candidate is expected to seek the renewal / continuation of projects. . However, renewal should not be assumed and the successful applicant can only rely on the monies disclosed here.

Applications should contain the three elements below, brought together in one PDF document, in the following sequence:

– Cover letter outlining your suitability for the work,
– CV / resume, and
– Three written samples of work, 500 to 1,000 words in length.

The written samples can be extracts from longer pieces (papers, articles, theses, funding proposals, and other documents). The aim here is to assess candidates’ functional writing skills as well as give a flavour of prior work and interests.

Applications should be emailed to

The final date for applications is Friday November 14th.

Months Dec Jan(2015) Feb Mar Apr May Jun
Multi-strand projectGross € per month €1,000 €1,000 €1,000 €1,000 €1,000 €1,000 €1,000
Biofuels & sustainabilityGross € per month €750 €750 €750 €750