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Crann – Trees for Ireland was launched on World Environment Day, June 5, 1986. The motivation behind the organization was to put broadleaved trees back on the agenda so that Ireland could at some stage in the future become self-sufficient in all of its timber needs. Crann – Trees for Ireland is Ireland’s leading voluntary tree organisation dedicated to the promotion and protection of our trees, hedgerows and woodlands

crann 2Crann’s Schools Tree Project

Crann is a non-profit registered charity uniting people with a love of trees. Crann is now best known for its high quality Crann Magazine and for the Crann ‘Tidy Towns Assist Programme’ and the numerous school visits we provide through the Crann ‘Bring a Tree to School’ Programme. Current projects include:
Crann Ballymun Community Tree Project: In the case of the Ballymun project, our objective was to create a feeling of ownership of the trees we planted among the entire community.
Crann Hedgerow Project: Crann Hedgerow Project was initiated with the aim of raising awareness of the value of hedgerows to farmers, to the landscape, for nature conservation and as a repository for many of the countries broadleaf trees.
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By joining Crann’s membership you will be helping secure a future for Ireland’s rich heritage of trees and woods. Members receive Crann’s quarterly magazine, invitations to woodland walks and talks, advice and information on trees and their management in Ireland. For more information on donations and membership click here.
Crann – Trees for Ireland Head Office
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