June Bank holiday seal pup alert

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Press Release from the Irish Seal Sanctuary, 26 May 2013

June Bank holiday seal pup alert
Common (Harbour Seals), resident and beloved about the Irish Coastline, are about to engage in synchronised birthing.  This great natural event occurs annually like clockwork and the Summer months are devoted to nursing and rearing the vulnerable seal pups, coinciding also with our holidays and leisure.
Nursing mothers and pups favour the sheltered bays, estuaries and islands also favoured by holidaymakers and tourists as Summer playground. Every year the 1st Orphan Pups come to the Irish Seal Sanctuary in the days following the June Bank Holiday arising from inadvertent disturbance.
This Casualty Rate can be greatly reduced by a little awareness of the seals, avoiding them and giving them space if in the same area. Jet skis and power boats are the greatest cause of seperations, pups from mothers and may not even realise it.


Information on the whereabouts of seals and pupping areas may be had from the Irish Seal Sanctuary, National Parks and Wildlife Service and Locals.
Irish Seal Sanctuary volunteers and local vets are available coastwide to respond to seal orphans and casualties. Lines are open 24/7. Call 01 8354487  or  087 3245423 and please leave clear message and contact details.
We save more seals by your prevention, care and vigilance in the wild than taken into care and excellent as our seal handlers and nurses are…..MOTHER SEALS DO A SUPERIOR JOB REARING SEAL PUPS.

Enjoy the water and holidays safely, BE VIGILANT AND REDUCE SEAL PUP CASUALTIES.