Climate Conversations 2015


The Climate Gathering is working with a number of other organisations to stage a series of conversations, lectures and debates in the first half of 2015, with the theme “Bringing people together for a new understanding on climate change”.

A number of organisations have come together to organise a series of conversations and debates in the early part of 2015 to try and promote greater understanding of what a low carbon future might bring for Ireland.  The collaboration between organisations focused on economic development, labour rights and social and environmental justice is symbolic of the greater cooperation we will need to change our response to the issue.  We seek to understand what cultural and social changes are needed, what costs and opportunities may arise and what economic model will best serve all our needs in making this transition.

The debates will be held at a time when our Government has to frame its own policy approach as part of the collective European position in the upcoming UN Climate negotiations in Paris in December 2015.  They could also be part of a wider national conversation as we emerge from the economic crisis and consider the future direction of our country, one hundred years on from the founding of our state.

This initiative has been prompted by a group of participants at previous Climate Gathering events, bringing on board a number of partner organisations. It is open to other interested organisations to join the process.  It is hoped that we can bring the public and the members of each of the participating organisations together at each venue. The events will be live streamed and the output shared in an open way.




18 March 2015 Launch Event: ‘Communicating the Challenge‘ – Liberty Hall

26 March 2015 Session II: ‘A New Economy’ – The Stanley Quek Hall, TCD Biomedical Sciences Building

April 2015 Session III: ‘The Sustainable Use of Our Land’ – Date and Venue TBC

20 April 2015 Session IV: ‘Prophetic Voices’ – Christ Church Cathedral