IEN Annual Membership and Core Funding Application form 2021


To apply for membership of the IEN, you must return this form, fully completed and with the required documentation, by: 6.00pm Monday 15th February 2021. This is a hard deadline, if you miss it you will not be considered for membership.

There is only one deadline for 2021 so make sure that you do not miss it.

We recommend that this form is double-checked, and agreed, by your board of directors prior to being submitted to us.

  • Section 6 must be completed by those that received Capacity Building funding in 2020
  • Section 8 should only be completed if you are applying for Capacity Building funding for 2021 N.B. You may not apply for this funding if you were in receipt of funding under this section in the two previous years
  • Keep to the word count guidelines as long answers will be ignored in the marking process
  • NB The entire form will be taken into account as part of your Core Funding Application
  • Section 5.1 is your chance to tell the assessors what your group has achieved over the past year. This section will garner a large amount of marks so you should pay particular care to complete it.

Please contact the Secretariat at or 087 2222866 with any queries.

All the information you submit in this form will be treated in confidence. Please note that the DCCAE may receive a copy of this form.
We may use anonymized and aggregated data from the form in our publicity and in funding applications.


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(Part A) Membership Application

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