Wicklow Grey Seal Cara, to be released to the Wild Sunday 8th of December

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Cara is a beautiful grey seal pup, now well fleshed and fit for release despite her inexperience.

She was rescued in October of this year by sisters Johanna and Sharon Weadick on the Murrough outside Wicklow Town. Sharon would not leave the orphan nor would Johanna leave Sharon and so they guarded the newborn all day on a busy beach surrounded by anglers, walkers and dogs till ISS arrived fresh from another release in Co. Louth. It was sad to remove such a healthy pup, but the mother could not reach it, so busy the beach.

Cara thrived throughout her rehab but is extremely inexperienced of sea and limited experience of other seals passing her in rehab, somewhat imprinted and very vocal, still a baby, though blubbered up with a fortnights reserves to carry her through early release and learning to cope with her own natural environment and the Weadick sisters know the “Wild” to be her best friend and future.

They have arranged her release at Travel hawk beach, beneath the Black Castle just outside Wicklow town and invite all along. 1.30 p.m. Gathering for 2.00 p.m. release Sunday 8/12/2013 .

This is a natural viewing site from above a small cove, where Cara can rest and explore and integrate with the local colony just south of her at Brides Head. It is also a spot she will be safely observed if in any difficulty and the Weadick’s and Wicklow residents are avid guardians of the local seals, Cara could not go to a better place, with better supports in place to complete her rehab and integration with her wild relatives. Come and see her off, meet her Rescuers and the Irish Seal Sanctuary for a wonderful conclusion to Johanna and Sharon’s rescue of Cara.