VOICE seeks Volunteer Newsletter Coordinator

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Volunteer Newsletter Coordinator position with VOICE

General description:

Coordinating the design, publication and distribution of the VOICE newsletter twice a year and the publication of periodic e-newsletters.

Length of project/job:

It will be an ongoing project, and initial commitments of 2 months will be required to see a newsletter from start to finish.

Time commitment:

Variable. Newsletters will be published and sent out twice a year (June and November). This would involve perhaps 2-6 hours a week in the 6 weeks prior to a newsletter, increasing to 10 hours a week in the last week prior to a newsletter. In between newsletters perhaps only 1 hour per week contact in between would be needed.


A volunteer with good written and organisational skills, somewhat creative with some design capability, and can work with computers.


In co-operation with the VOICE Coordinator:

Plan newsletter

Collect and compile information for the newsletter from the various campaigns and other areas of interest.

Collect articles from contributors

Write of short non-technical articles if required.

Edit newsletter

Format the final document (possibly on a desktop publishing system like Microsoft Office Publisher)

Liaise with printer (and designer, if design work is done externally).

Organise mail-out to members in co-operation with Coordinator.


Mindy O’Brien, Coordinator



(01)642 5741