VOICE seeks families for the Stop Food Waste Challenge!

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Are you based in Meath, Offaly or  South County Dublin ? Do you want to take on the challenge to reduce 5kg of food waste each month?

Then VOICE needs you! Food waste is a big problem in modern Ireland and it affects all of us. In addition to it being bad for the environment, food waste is bad for our wallets. Irish households throw out almost one third of all the food we buy. That’s an average of €700 per Irish household going into the bin.

The Programme

In 2014, VOICE will be working with a number of communities in Meath, Offaly and South County Dublin to take the Stop Food Waste Challenge. During this time we will bring around 20 households together and work through the 4 steps of the Challenge. We hope to have about 4 meetings over a 2 month period and each of these will have a different focus relating to how we manage our food at home. The meetings are about bringing people together to learn but also to share ideas, learn from each other and have a bit of craic!

The Steps

Throughout this initiative we will try to encourage people to work with a few food waste prevention techniques and concepts each week. In essence, we will talk the volunteers through the food waste prevention cycle.

We would like to get as many people in your community involved in working towards helping households to reduce their food waste. There is no one right way to do this, it’ll be different for everyone. But, during the programme, we hope to learn as much from you about this as we hope you will learn from us.

For more information contact Mindy O Brien at  (01) 642 5741 or at info@voiceireland.org.