Time to Join IPCC’s Hop-to-it Frog Survey 2013

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20th January 2013:  The first record of frogs spawning in Ireland has been recieved by the Irish Peatland Conservation Council as part of our annual Hop-to-It-Frog Survey. The frog spawn was spotted on the 8th January in Co. Cork. With World Wetlands Day approaching on the 2nd February the Irish Peatland Conservation Council (IPCC) are encouraging you to visit, explore and discover the beauty and biodiversity on your local wetland. While there keep an eye out for the Common Frog (Rana temporaria) and take part in IPCC’s Hop-to-it-Frog Survey 2013. Another great place to spot frogs is in your garden, especially if you have a garden pond.

Its easy to get involved, you can contact the Irish Peatland Conservation Council at the Bog of Allen Nature Centre on telephone 045-860133 or e-mail bogs@ipcc.ie and leave your name and address and we will send you a frog survey card. Alternatively go online to the Irish Peatland Conservation Council website www.ipcc.ie and fill in our online frog survey card.

Since 1997 the Irish Peatland Concervation Council have been asking members of the public to send us their frog sightings and today we have 4445 records of frogs from all over the country. It is essential to monitor frogs as they are barometers of environmental health. The Common Frog is widespread in Ireland but is under threat in other parts of Europe due to factors such as loss of habitat, chemical pollution and infectious disease. The peak times for spawning are in February and March so over the next few months join in the Hop-to-it-Frog Survey.