Irish Wildlife Trust: The Food Harvest 2020: A Ticking TB Time Bomb

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From an Irish Wildlife Trust press release, 28/1/2013

The Irish Wildlife Trust (IWT) is very concerned about the impact that the Food Harvest 2020 plan may have on our badgers. Under the plan the government plans to increase beef production by 50% and our research shows that this will lead to greater herd densities and greater movement of cattle between herds – both of which will contribute to more bovine TB in cattle and badgers.

Will the government continue to blame badgers for this problem? Will they continue the failed policies of the past 20 years by trying to eradicate badgers from large parts of the country? Probably – unless your voice is heard. Please help us reach our target of 10,000 signatures by signing our petition (if you haven’t already) or by sharing it with others . You can read more about this issue here.

Last year the government denied that the ambition Food Harvest Plan needed any kind of assessment for its environmental impacts. Only following campaigning by the IWT and Friends of the Irish Environment did they conceded that such assessments would be carried out. They have been promised for ‘early 2013’ and we will be watching closely for what it says on the potential effects to our (24)