Irish Seed Savers Association NEW 2015 “5 to 1” Appeal

Ireland’s food security is in your hands!nshgfr4b

The vision behind our “5 to 1” Appeal is that for every 5 varieties of seed you plant you also plant an Open Pollinated variety. Open pollination is the general term associated with the natural means by which plants reproduce, exchange characteristics from generation to generation and also allows you to save your own seeds from them, keeping the heritage variety alive.

By choosing Irish Seed Savers’ Open Pollinated Seeds you contribute to keeping food security in your hands, Irish agricultural biodiversity alive and vibrant as well as the tradition and skills of seed saving. All of the seeds we cultivate are 100% Organic, grown in Ireland but more importantly are Open Pollinated.

Support Ireland’s heritage, support her rare and rich biodiversity and support our “5 to 1 Appeal”.