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Green Economy Foundation is an environmental non-government organisation (ENGO). They work on a whole variety of issues, from farming to economics, from biodiversity to climate change. They work across these areas because they are linked. It is the Green Economy Foundation’s objective to ensure that policy makers see those links, and that strategies take note of the interconnected nature of these different elements. That could be strategies by government departments, by industry, by policy makers in Europe or others.
The Green Economy Foundation work on a number of projects.

In their own words:
We have a philosophy of not criticizing something unless we can propose a viable alternative. So when we criticize forestry strategies, for example, we also took on a 320 acre estate in West Cork and planted it with an alternative to the current outdated model. We also have a project called One Million Trees in A Day, which involves, well, the name kind of gives it away. We like planting trees, and in 2010 we set a target to plant 10 million trees in 10 years. Half way there in time, we are about 40% there in planting, but expect to hit our target. See our projects page for more on this, and for our most recent adventure which involves saving species and habitats in Tobago!

We believe in education as critical in creating change. That’s why we have developed an ever growing education program. Our education centre is open all year round, and offers both curriculum and non curriculum linked courses. We welcome schools from pre-schoolers to third level, and everything in between. We are a Discover Primary Science Centre, and have Summer and Easter camps from year to year. It’s all about immersing young people in nature, learning by doing, and most importantly, learning through enjoying.

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