Ireland’s action on climate change ‘insufficient’ according to European Commission document

The Environmental Pillar say the government should see it as a wake up call and amend the Climate Bill.

The Environmental Pillar, which is made up of 28 Irish environmental NGOs, is calling on the government to strengthen the Climate Bill in light of sharp criticism for lack of action.

Last week a European Commission working document was published which described Ireland’s climate change commitments as ‘insufficient’.

The EC Country Report Ireland 2015 working document states:

“No progress was made in identifying how Ireland commits itself to meeting its existing, binding climate and energy targets for the period up to 2020 in an integrated way and how best to use the earmarked, available EU support for the structural development needed in the different areas.”

It also highlights how much Ireland is off track when it comes to reducing emissions. According to the report, recent studies suggest Ireland is likely to have reduced emissions by 3 per cent by 2020 – far off the 20 per cent target. It highlights agriculture and transport as the two sectors contributing most to this problem.

The Environmental Pillar believes the government should see this as a wake-up call to amend the Bill as it makes its way through the Dáil.

Key actions needed to strengthen the Climate Bill

* Include specific greenhouse gas emission targets in the Bill.

* Use the government’s own definition of low carbon in the Climate Bill.

* Establish a Climate Change Advisory Council on an independent footing similar to the Fiscal Advisory Council.

* Put in place a National Mitigation Plan to reduce emissions now.

Ian Carey, spokesperson for the Environmental Pillar said:

“This EU school report on Ireland’s Climate Change progress must be startling to the Government, whose commitment seems only to meet the EU 2020 targets – They are being told in no uncertain terms that they will only achieve 3% as against the 20% target – In anybody’s school report that would be a fail.”

The working document is not the final country specific report and is not considered the official position of the Commission. It is however a good indication of what will appear in the final report.

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