GAP Ireland unveil their newly builtd Plastic Bottle Greenhouse

GAP Ireland’s Plastic Bottle Greenhouse

Global Action Plan (GAP) Ireland was delighted to unveil their new Plastic Bottle Greenhouse at an official opening on Tuesday, February 26th in Holy Spirit Girls School Garden in North Dublin. The greenhouse, which is situated in the school’s garden, is made from 2,000 2ltr plastic bottles, and other reclaimed materials, collected by Holy Spirit’s Green Schools committee.  This project was developed over a number of months, constructed by participants of GAP Ireland’s Green Living programme (GLP) and coordinated by GAP’s Project coordinator Lynn Boylan.

In Ireland alone, plastic accounts for 12% of the waste in an Irish household and plastic consumption is growing by 4% each year.  As a result of GAP’s programme 2,000 plastic bottles were diverted from going to landfill, awareness of the importance of recycling was raised and a space has been created where pupils can grow their own plants from seed.

This project has been so successful that GAP Ireland will build another Plastic Bottle Greenhouse in April!