Friends of the Irish Environment

Friends of the Irish Environment was established in 1997 to create and maintain a network of conservationists and environmentalists in Ireland to:

  • monitor the full implementation of, and to assist in the development of, European law;
  • work for changes in the Irish planning laws;
  • encourage the implementation of the right to full public participation;
  • provide assistance to individuals, local groups, and the wider public in understanding environmental issues;
  • seek proper implementation of environmental and planning law to support sustainable communities including the pursuit of concerns and cases in both the built and the natural environment.
FIE regularly broadcasts podcasts, press releases and news letters on a wide range of environmental issues such as fracking, fisheries, peatlands, forestry, marine and EU law. Visit our ‘FIE Work’ page for our most recent releases and About Us page for a list of our campaigns.

fie peatlandsPeatlands photographs from a 200 hectare site at Coole, Co. Westmeath.

FIE welcomes help of all kind; bring your own ideas or look through our website and see where you think you might be able to assist. We work almost entirely through email lists, but have an annual Weekend where we develop our main projects. Contact us by email or phone.

We also urgently need people to help research on a host of issues to inform policy comments.


Friends of the Irish Environment,
County Cork

Tel: 027-74771 (or 087 2176316)