EU fisheries ministers complete gruelling Common Fisheries Policy reform negotiations


Brussels, 15 May 2013 – Early this morning European Union fisheries ministers concluded a two day
meeting on reform of the Common Fisheries Policy, CFP. Ministers were meeting to revise the mandate of
the Irish Presidency so it can conclude CFP reform negotiations with the European Parliament.
They agreed to important changes, some of which are going in the right direction with others going back
on the Council’s previous position.
“We acknowledged that the Fisheries Council has made a move in the right direction by supporting the
rebuilding of fish stocks,” said Siobhán Egan of BirdWatch Ireland and OCEAN2012. “However, ministers
have not agreed to a target date by which fish stocks should be rebuilt. This will make setting fishing limits
that will recover EU fish stocks without delay more difficult.”
“We also welcome the decision to make EU funding for fishing fleets conditional upon member States’
reporting on fleet capacity. However, the proposed text is weaker than Council’s draft position on the
proposed EU Maritime and Fisheries Fund,” said Egan.

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