Eco-UNESCO launches Green Pathways – a new training programme as part of the new Momemtum initiative

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19 December 2012: Today ECO-UNESCO announced its newest initiative called Green Pathways aimed at training and progressing unemployed people who are under 25s onto employment in the green economy. The programme, part of the newly launched FAS Momentum initiative, will train up 80 under 25s to take advantage of the green economy, a key growth-sector for Ireland over the next decade.

The Green Pathways programme aims to build strong environmental, business, communications and leadership skills. Participants chose one of three Pathways: the Green Leader path, Green Enterprise path or Green Youth and Community path. Through a programme of intensive learning, work-placements and project work participants come away with FETAC-accredited qualifications that will make them uniquely employable in the future.

“Green Pathways is an exciting and ambitious addition to our catalogue of education initiatives. It’s aimed at getting young people out working, making them employment-ready once they finish. Youth unemployment is a serious problem in Ireland, we have one of the highest percentages of unemployed young people in Europe. It will be an amazing opportunity for young people, and it will provide them with the security of employment in a growing, sustainable sector,” said Elaine Nevin, ECO-UNESCO’s Executive Director.

ECO-UNESCO has been a FETAC accredited centre since 2005, and has developed and provided a range of training courses aimed at up skilling young people in areas such as environmental auditing and impact practices, education and facilitation methodologies, systems thinking and sustainable development practice in the Greenhouse, its dedicated training centre in central Dublin.

Green Pathways will begin in February 2013. For more information about the project and how you can sign up, visit