Coomhola Salmon Trust

Coomhola Salmon Trust has produced the innovative and compelling ‘StreamScapes’ Aquatic & Biodiversity Education Programme since 1989 (see which is utilised throughout Ireland and internationally; hosts important freshwater biology research projects; and contributes to the development of the Integrated Catchment Management approach in support of Water Framework Directive implementation.
The multiple award-winning and internationally acclaimed ‘StreamScapes’ Aquatic & Biodiversity Education Programme has generated an innovative and original Ethos and Methodology for successful public engagement on Environmental issues at a Catchment level. StreamScapes projects have been produced throughout Ireland north and south, and have been described as “a template for public engagement throughout Europe”.
To learn how you can host a ‘StreamScapes’ Project in your Catchment, or to access books, other resources or any other information, please contact us at:

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Postal Address: Coomhola Salmon Trust, ltd., Bantry, County Cork

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