Consultation on structural options to strengthen the EU Emissions Trading System

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Stakeholders and experts in the field of the European carbon market are invited to comment on the structural options and views reflected in the report “The state of the European carbon market in 2012”, which serves as the consultation document. There is no additional questionnaire.

In order to assist the Commission in its evaluation of your contributions, it would be appreciated if you could maintain the numbering of the options, when commenting on the options in the report. Please indicate the expected impact of individual structural options, including on:

  • emission reductions;
  • ability of the EU ETS to meet the EU long-term target of an 80-95% reduction in a cost-effective manner;
  • your activities or the activities of the business under your jurisdiction, including estimated changes in compliance and administrative cost;
  • employment and households.

Please also state the reasoning behind your comments and any evidence supporting it.

See the consultation website