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Forest Management (FM) carried out by

Coillte Teo

Please return your completed form by June 17 2013 


Dear Sir/Madam,
In June 2013 we will carry out an assessment of the forest management applied by Coillte Teo against the PEFC Irish Forest Certification Standard in it’s Business Business Area Unit (BAU) 5 (Counties Dublin, Wicklow, Wexford, Carlow and Kildare).

Positive feedback is always welcome. However, it is most important that we are made aware of any concerns so that these can be addressed. Our consultation with you should not replace any communication which may normally take place between yourself and Coillte’s local management.

A summary report in the form of an executive summary of the certification report, which will contain key information and the results of the main assessment (except for commercially sensitive or other confidential information) will be made publicly available on the websites of both PEFC Ireland and NSAI.

We will do our best to operate an open and effective forest management certification system and will do our best to address any concerns raised in a satisfactory and timely manner. In addition, you can also contact NSAI, INAB ( or PEFC Ireland.

For further information see PEFC Ireland Certification Scheme for Sustainable Forest Management (

Thank you in advance for your time.

Yours faithfully,

George O’Malley
Co-ordinator PEFC Audit Team
Direct +353 87 2228625
NSAI Certification
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Dublin 9