Public Consultation on the Marine Strategy Framework Directive – Monitoring Programmes

Closing Date: 12th September 2014

Mr Alan Kelly T.D., the Minister for the Environment, Community and Local Government, invites submissions and comments on ‘the Marine Strategy Framework Directive Article 11 Monitoring Programmes’. The aim of the Directive is to achieve or maintain Good Environmental Status of the European Union’s marine waters by 2020. It represents the environmental pillar of the EU’s Integrated Maritime Policy and its implementation requires a multi-disciplinary approach, including the identification and mapping of the characteristics and […]

Consultation on the Quality of Drinking Water in the EU

Closing Date: 23rd September 2014

The aim of this consultation is to get a better understanding of citizens’ views on the need and the possible range of actions which could be undertaken in order to improve the supply with high quality drinking water. The results of the consultation will be used as input to decide if and where the EU Drinking Water Directive 98/83/EC might need improvement. For more information click here. Closing date: 23rd September 2014

Access to Justice & Implementation of Article 9 of the Aarhus Convention

Closing Date: 26th September 2014

Formal ratification of the Aarhus Convention took place on June 20th 2012. During the course of the last 2 years, the Department has taken numerous opportunities to engage with the EU Commission and relevant stakeholders to ascertain the “in practice” implementation of the Convention in Ireland. The National Implementation Report, and its two public consultations, provided a solid basis for a very broad consideration of sentiment on the Convention across the general public, business, eNGOs […]

Fishing opportunities for 2015 under the Common Fisheries Policy

Closing Date: 30th September 2014

Consultation on fishing opportunities for 2015 under the Common Fisheries Policy. All citizens and organisations can contribute to this consultation. Contributions are particularly sought from citizens and organisations with links to, or interests in fish or fisheries and the coastal and marine environment. The objective of consultation is to allow all European citizens to express an opinion on the way in which levels of fishing effort and fishing quotas are set according to the new […]

Consultation on the future EU initiative on No Net Loss of biodiversity and ecosystem services

Closing Date: 17th October 2014

In the EU, as in other parts of the world, we are continuing to lose biodiversity and with it, the ecosystem services that nature provides to human society. The EU Biodiversity Strategy to 2020 aims to halt biodiversity loss and to conserve ecosystem services. The strategy contains 6 operational targets and 20 associated actions. Action 7 is to ensure no net loss of biodiversity and ecosystem services. Under action 7, the Commission is foreseen to […]

Consultation on policy options to optimise water reuse in the EU

Closing Date: 7th November 2014

The aim of this consultation is to evaluate the most suitable EU-level instrument/s to foster water reuse, while ensuring the health and environmental safety of water reuse practices and the free trade of food products. The results of the consultation will be used as input for the preparation of the Impact Assessment covering all key areas of potential application of water reuse: agriculture, urban, industrial, and recreational uses (e.g. golf courses, bathing water), groundwater recharge, […]

Public Consultation on the Ratification by the EU of the Minamata Convention on Mercury

Closing Date: 14th November 2014

The aim of this consultation is to solicit stakeholders’ input on specific issues related to the implementation of the Minamata Convention on Mercury. The results of the consultation will be used as input for the preparation of the Impact Assessment covering specific key areas where EU legislation may need to be amended such as: Import restrictions for metallic mercury from non-Parties to the Convention; Export ban for certain products containing mercury; Mercury use in new […]