Consultation on a new framework for technical measures in the reformed Common Fisheries Policy

Closing Date: 25th April 2014

The European Commission is inviting submissions from stakeholders – Advisory Councils, fishermen associations, producer organisations, other fisheries stakeholders, national administrations and control bodies,environmental NGOs, experts/scientists working on fisheries related matters and consumers on the document described below. ┬áThe objective of the consultation is development of a new technical measures framework in the context of the reformed Common Fisheries Policy (CFP). The main policy objective of this initiative is to support the objectives of the reformed […]

Public consultation on Energy Efficiency

Closing Date: 28th April 2014

Progress towards the 2020 energy efficiency objective and a 2030 energy efficiency policy framework. The aim of this public consultation is to seek the opinions of the general public and all stakeholders on the issues related to energy efficiency policies and measures for 2020 and 2030. Particularly, the replies submitted to this consultation will provide an important input to the review of progress towards the 2020 energy efficiency target under Article 3(2) of the Energy […]

Sustainable transport – stakeholders consultation

Closing Date: 13th June 2014

Carbon footprinting is a method to generate data about the greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions of transport operations on an aggregated level of a company, or more detailed, on the level of a trip and service, like the delivery of a parcel. Many initiatives, both at the EU and global level, have been deployed for identifying carbon footprints of transport services. Also several tools are available for comparing various transport modes on the GHG emissions. However, […]