Mr. Tom Roche, founder and coordinator of Just Forests, an Irish Non-Governmental Charity, working on forest/timber education projects was arrested, hand-cuffed, detained in custody and charged with a “Crimal Offence” at Tullamore Garda Station yesterday, Saturday 10th September 2011, for allegedly damaging plywood by painting a statement on the plywood hoarding around Tullamore Town Library building site.

“Why FSC-certified SMART-PLY panelboard, which is made in County Waterford, from the ‘thinnings’ of Irish forests and is providing much needed Irish jobs was not used in the hoardings is beyond belief, considering the constant appeals we hear on a daily basis from all sectors of Irish society that we must create and sustain Irish jobs,” according to Roche. He goes on to state that “cheap, throw-away”, Chinese plywood, which is often the results of illegal logging activities has flooded the Irish market in recent years.”

Date set for Court Appearance:

Mr. Roche is to appear at Tullamore District Court on Wednesday 28th September, at 10.30 A.M., to face charges.